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2020-11-26 duocore05705

By far the worst registrar and host I've ever used. Lets forget the fact that they wait like 24 to 48 hours to let you have access to the domain. Lets forget that their prices beyond the first year are ridiculously priced.

2020-10-31 duocore05705

By far the worst registrar and host I've ever used. Lets forget the fact that they wait like 24 to 48 hours to let you have access to the domain. Lets forget that their prices beyond the first year are ridiculously priced. But time and time again I find issues with their services. Last major problem I had, I changed my nameservers but their system never updated the values. Took weeks to resolve.

2020-03-03 ionos or 1and1 stay away

Please stay away from this company! They will charge you more after saying $1. If you want to move another company they ask additional price.

company also changes its name time to time

ionos . 1and1

be careful

2019-10-01 travisrunyard

I just had to comment on the bad reviews here. It looks as though the majority of users here trying to buy a domain for the $1 special are computer illiterate (aka morons). First of all, you need to make certain to not also buy the website hosting package that is selected by default during checkout. Second of all, in order to transfer a domain from one registrar to another always involves money, and it's usually more than the actual registration cost anywhere you go (~$25). And third of all, domain renewal cost is 99% of the time always higher than the initial first year of registration. People shouldn't be reviewing places badly because they lack competence. Stick to your fax machines and postal mail system.

2019-08-06 hostpriyo

In 15 years i registred hundred of domains and i never see worst and rude customer service. I lost 48 hours, send a lot of mails, and never can solve my problem.... I lost time and money, the worst domain company....

2018-12-24 Jawn Ha

Beware. I had several domains registered thru them and was letting one of them lapse. Instead they renewed it without any consent from me and billed me. Because I did not want it, did not order it, I did not pay for it. When I did not pay for it, they shut down all of my other fully paid domains along with all email addresses. People sending me emails were never notified that they were not received. I was never notified of any emails. My domains were re-routed to pages saying they were down (and full of ads which financially benefitted the registrar only) or were told that my pages were for sale to pay my back dues. They would not give me transfer away codes for my fully paid domains. In fact they locked them and refused to unlock so I could not move my domains away from these psychopaths. I had to threaten to sue them for their illegal acts and then threaten (via attorney demand letter, mind you) management of the supervisors of the peons before anything was released. I will NEVER do business with those aholes again. If I had had the money, I would have taken them to court to make an example out of them...

2018-12-23 candyengineer

I pay 9$ instead of working with this company!

First of all you can not move your domain outside of ionos(1and1)

If you want to transfer your domain you need to pay 24$ additional fee.

And you cannot move your domain to another account in ionos. Again you must pay 1year reneval fee which is 24$.

Customer experience is also awful. You send an email they reply but FAQ link =)

They are funny!!! Stay away from ionos

2018-10-25 anybucket

! want to warm all of you here to stay away from 1and1. This company is technically operating in false advertisement.

Today I followed the recommendation and also the 1and1 promotion to try buying a domain as 99cent. However, toward the checkout, my can't get registration and then it showed me as the screen like before I captured. I picked not to buy the web hosting and email service but they all add up and locked the domain i want to buy as it claimed is being reserved. Such a big fat liar!



2018-08-26 Scyte

If I could give less I definitely would!

$0,99 Domain is pure BS

In the website page it says $0,99 in the checkout It's 8,99

2018-06-08 Michel Richard

In 15 years i registred hundred of domains and i never see worst and rude customer service. I lost 48 hours, send a lot of mails, and never can solve my problem.... I lost time and money, the worst domain company....

2018-02-21 info

the worst domain registrar in my life. Locked my important two domains unnecessarily and I had to shutdown my business. Can someone help me get my domain back from them , Its locked and they charge unreasonably and will tell no money is deducted or recieved. Someone please help

2017-03-18 tyrollins

If I could give less than 1 star I would.

Terrible company, avoid at all cost!

Rude. Deceitful. Shady business practices. Horrible Service.

Support staff is terrible, to the point of being extremely rude! Problem 1, you are put into a position to need to call support. Problem 2, once you get through after many attempts the support staff are rude, have a negative attitude, and even quite literally said 'fuck it' and hung up the phone on me.

Even if pricing seems decent, don't be fooled. There is fine print that you should read like the .99Cent .com well second year they automatically charged my card ~ $15. Mind you, I specifically set auto-renewal to OFF.

They try to upsell every other minute, send a ridiculous amount of marketing emails, and even call the number you provide on the whois. This marketing occurs even when you specifically un-check the "do you want to receive X emails?" I for example, set my account to receive no emails, marketing or otherwise, and still received more marketing emails than I have seen any other company use in my life.

2017-02-18 Brallan

@Mike Arpaia wrote it sooooo well, I agree 100%, although I don't think they deserve more than 2 stars.

2016-12-23 spiritfly

I'm aware that 1&1 is to be avoided at all costs and that's like a rule of thumb for domaining, but we all slip sometimes so please bear with me.

March 2016: Bought 3 domains from them. Used my personal account with all my legit details. Paid with my personal paypal. Nothing fishy. I developed one of the website into a big site that started pouring traffic. I invested heavily in content($x,xxx) and hired very skilled writers that were experts in the niche. The site started ranking on 4-5 position just months after I started posting and I was so happy. Just when I was about to place some ads and monetize the site, something terrible happened.. More on that later.

June 2016: I start a PBN creation service and started registering lots of domains with the intention of selling. Some were ordered by clients, some not. I registered 8 domains with 1and1 in the period of June-August 2016. All domains had a separate 1and1 account with the intention of pushing the domain to a client. Paid for them with my personal paypal that I used for my primary account

16th Nov TRAGEDY STRIKES! All my domains, including my 3 in my personal account get suspended without any notice. They all go into redepmtionPeriod. My personal 1and1 account gets locked(was probably locked a few weeks ago, but never noticed) as well as some of the client accounts. Some client accounts were completely deleted along with their domain names. This is when the torment begins..

1and1 do not have any official email or chat for support. Only phone. US phone. I do not reside in US which means long distance calls and my bad spoken English will come into play. An option I try to avoid at all costs. Googled a few emails and sent them an email, few days no reply. Found their facebook page and luckily a person named Tara responded. Told her my troubles and she said it's best to call them. Okay.. Called their tech support phone on their website, a non-native English speaker(far better than me though) tells me my account is set for suspension(WHAAT??) doesn't provide a reason. Tells me the security team can tell me, but they are not in working hours right now. I call the security team next day, nobody picks up.. after a few more tries I learned it's thanksgiving and they are feasting on a big juicy turkey for dinner while I pull the last bits of hair I have left for supper.. Black Friday also not working.. Weekend, yup that turkey needs to be digested well.. Finally monday comes I call them and a miserable guy called Matt says in a mumbling voice your account is set for termination like it's just an ordinary every day thing. But why, how what is the reason, how can I get back my domains?! Dunno, it's just set for termination says lazy Matt.. Call the tech support maybe they can help you transfer out the domains to a different host.. (I wouldn't stay with you even if you paid me for it I think in my head) So I call the tech support which is the first phone line again and explained my case for like the 50th time and a guy literally asked me to spell out my domains to him so he can escalate a ticket to the necessary department. I spent half an hour spelling one domain name, I was exhausted. It was clearly some kind of ploy to keep me busy and wear me out. But I'm not giving up, I'm made out of steel! I listened to hard-rock / metal in my teen years, I can endure pain, hit me harder! So we hang up, but I realized the guy sent a request for one domain only. I call again and a different rep picks up, Leo. This guy was the only concerned rep I have encountered and started asking many questions. The only downside? I waited on the phone while he was typing out the ticket. And it got VEERY long. I sat like an hour and 10 minutes with this guy listening to him typing out every word I said in his own interpretation. M'Kay I can endure, I'm strong.. So at the end he says I will transfer you to my supervisor so you can explain to him. Please go ahead! Then picks up Steven from the Security Department(again). So I tell him the whole issue again and he says okay let me put you on hold. I agree and the call drops. I though it was some kind of glitch with skype and call them again. Went through the whole explaining again and asked to speak to Steven in the Security Dept. and apologized for dropping the call..

Steven: it didn't drop! - in a rude voice!

Me: Then why did you hang up?

Steven: Because I don't believe your story sir!

Me: What exactly you don't believe?

Steven: I don't believe a single word you said!

So I start explaining my stance all over again and he interrupts me instantly

Steven: I don't believe anything you say because I called all of the numbers of your clients and nobody picks up

Me: Okay if you don't believe then how about my account? I'm a real person, I exist, I can provide ID or proof whatever is necessary?

Steven: You've committed a fraud sir!! We don't want to do any business with you! Do not call us again!

I never did anything even remotely to FRAUD!!!!!

2016-11-11 jen Dajen

1&1 .com domain transfer offer for $0.99 is a scam:

there is no $0.99 domain offer

The web site page to transfer a domain is disabled (intentionally malfunctioning): used AIX, Linux (Kubuntu), Windows 10, with firefox, chrome, chromium, MS Edge, MS IE, firefox and chrome on MS:

all browsers give the exact same result, down to the page source (on file): registration is made not to work via the web page

So I called.

I called twice. The first time I called I asked when this will be fixed, I got the answer that this must be a temporary outage and will be fixed with in 2 hours.

I called back two days later, after I had the exact same issues. I got the same answer at first. Told the agent that has been this way for two days.

Agent offered to do the domain transfer over the phone.

Well.... no way I give my information to a person not even knowing if he is an employee of 1&1 or of some call center in some other country.

This is definitively an upsale issue, there is no transfer without going through a sales agent. I did not give my data, asked again when this will be fixed, got the same lame answer.

Then the agent put me on hold to find out if there is a workaround (after all the excuses about browser, or "oh, Linux, try Windows...).

The workaround offered was the following (very shady, scammy...):


go online and buy a hosting package and a domain transfer, then remove the hosting package from the shopping cart

" (paraphrased, shortened to the method )

This is exactly it: I did not even try, looking on the web giving 1&1 my credit card is a very high risk to get a charge applied that others had a hard time to ever get back, mostly not, with the old tricks not to answer phone calls selectively, not answering email, etc.

I bet also that in the workflow of this proposed transaction I would need to buy that package first and then be able to do that transfer, with no way to avoid at least the first charge for the packet.

I did then my homework before calling back and registering through an agent: please go yourself and google for peoples' experiences with 1&1 and getting money back, or being overcharged, or being continued to be charged for terminated services, and not getting their money back.

Please remove 1&1 from this list.

If I could give 0 stars I would. I did lodge an FTC complaint about the practice offering something and at the same time having the execution of the offer disabled, and my suspicion that there is no such offer without actually buying a hosting package (see the agent's "solution" to the issue!).


2016-10-28 DOTCOM

RIP OFF! Billing for privacy and billing for domains are at 2 different times good luck getting your money back when you cancel and transfer away before your domain expires. Hope they lose their business!

2016-10-11 Mike Arpaia

I don't think I was surprised by the ratings I saw here, but in comparison to other ratings, I was in shock that in comparison, 1 and 1 was so low. There is a lot to not like about them, and these are my reasons:

1. The Control Panel Interface

I have been a long time customer for years, and the Control Panel interface was clunky, but really not all that bad several years ago. They just change it too much. Companies do change their interfaces, and if you are with them, you have to roll with the punches. My largest complaint is that they try to make it TOO EASY for people to use, which tech-heads like me, get irritated about.

2. Name Server / MX Records / A-Record alteration

In the past, you could easily add MX records, and make changes to settings for CNAME records, but not for A-records... unless you did call technical support and ask for that specifically. Today's interface is too busy and you still can't cleanly know what tyou're doing without help at times.

3. Email usage (1-and-1 Email vs. MX Records to Google or ZOHO)

Domains still get 1 free email, and up to 100 forwards to other non-domain based email aliases. In it's hay-day, Google offered 10 free emails, which I use with one of my domains. That said, if you tried to use the mail service with 1-and-1 which I did on a different domain - it's a completely different interface, which over the years - the way you get there changed about 3 times. Totally frustrated me to no end, and it goes to their own stability of managing their own internal products.

4. Customer Service RE:billing issues

Un-F#$&ing real!!!!!!! Some first line people totally suck as in this case! With one account, I told someone I saw something strange - I thought an account was hacked. When I poked around I thought my domain was being transferred away from me, it wasn't... but that didn't stop the person on the other end of the phone to say "Yes, I see you cannot renew you're domain, sorry." Now the misinterpretation on the site's domain controller was my fault as well, but the same representative, who DID NOT APOLOGIZE FOR THE FIRST STATEMENT, made a second statement that said my renewal fee would show up via email. I was angry, confused, and asked to speak to a US-based supervisor (who assured me all was well).

My reasons for staying with them:

1. Customer Service RE:billing issues - Round 2

This again... which is a mix of good and bad. I called to make sure a domain that was set to auto-renew would not auto-renew. After telling the person over the phone to only do this with one account, they did exactly what I asked, and the domain was gone. The next day, I received a cancellation alert. 9 days later, I saw a charge for a 14.99 renewal for the domain I effectively cancelled. Afer a lot of bad words, I called their billing support person, who saw the problem on their internal systems, and promptly submitted the refund, to which was indicated vial Email the next day.

2. Name Server / MX Records / A-Record alteration - Round 2

On a positive note, when you get to the network team, and have all the evidence of something working, they will make back-end changes to A-name / MX / C-name records on your behalf in minutes.

3. Price

They have sales every now and again. To boot, when you buy a domain for a year, there is a check box you can select (or just ask them) to make your domain a private domain... all this at no cost.

4. Creating sub-domains

I complained about their clunky C-panel, but it is decent enough to get to some things. Create sub-domains is easy and operates just like an independent website (good for me who uses Weebly).


My #1 complaint is that you HAVE TO STAY ON TOP OF THEM.

My #1 compliment is that when you get to the right person, they are very helpful, but the process can take time.

My #1 recommendation, if you change your Control Panel, update all the how-to documents on the website.

With all that, If I could give them 3.6 starts I would, but I'll round up to 4... but if you folks at 1-and-1 read this... I am begging you to make this interface better, and PLEASE update the support pages with other OEMs and vendors you work in conjunction with.

2016-06-02 former client

ATTENTION !!! 1und1.de is the worst domain company I ever deal with ! german support plays dumb, could not understand what Id privacy is, din't want change my residence address, they discriminated me because of my place of origin! The supervisors do NOTHING to solve the issue! At the end the 1und1.de were charging me with fees although I have exported my domains long before. If you are german and like going to courts you are at the right company, all others beware of this people a def. non-go!

2016-02-08 Jake Stevens

I would give 0 stars if possible, the company has literally no chat support... and they don't respond to emails for anything. Calling in is a really big hassle and when trying to register domains, the customer support team has to MUANUALLY APPROVE and I have LOST a few domains because 1and1 took forever to approve domains ... AVOID THIS REGISTRAR at all cost if you can otherwise if you think the 1$ transfer in is worth it and save a few bucks then it is up to you. but please think really thoroughly before sticking your hand into an ant trap.

2015-06-20 John Ubhie

Unlike the below reviews, my experience with 1&1 has been Ok. Don't get me wrong, it's not great, by a long shot, but not as terrible as I've heard. Main issues are there interface is very old and site is hard to navigate. Fortunately, I've not had to call their support so can't speak for that.

They make their .com price very cheap for first year then have high renew costs if you don't transfer away. However, if you're aware of that then you can take advantage of it.

2015-04-01 Dailen

By far the worst registrar and host I've ever used. Lets forget the fact that they wait like 24 to 48 hours to let you have access to the domain. Lets forget that their prices beyond the first year are ridiculously priced. But time and time again I find issues with their services. Last major problem I had, I changed my nameservers but their system never updated the values. Took weeks to resolve.

2015-01-27 Daniel Lo Nigro

1&1's initial pricing is very low for some TLDs (like .com and .net), but don't be fooled. This is a classic "bait and switch" and the price increases drastically after the first year. Their interface is old and clunky and makes it very difficult to transfer domains away. Even after you transfer your domain out, you'll still get marketing emails from them referring to you as a customer and trying to sell you services you don't need.

My advice is to spend a bit more and go with a company that's actually reliable. Personally I'd suggest Name.com, Gandi, or Hover (in that order).

2014-12-21 Maria Joher

Super slow, impossible to set-up with git pages. Help totally unhelpful

2014-11-30 Unhappy customer

Signed up for a domain with private registration. Several years later, found the details of this domain registration (with my name, address, phone number, etc.) indexed and archived by multiple sites. When I called 1&1, they were rude and unhelpful!

2014-11-29 Taras

Had one domain on 1&1 a few years ago. Didn't like the interface, so transferred it out to 123-Reg. I continued to receive sales calls ('We'll build your website for you!') for some time afterwards, which did not endear them to me.

2014-10-03 Carob

Poor interface, difficult to transfer out, patchy support, told me to pursue support on a phone number that does not work, makes it confusing and nearly impossible to stop renewals and then sets a collection agency on you for renewals you do not want. Avoid at all costs.