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Big Rock
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2015-09-30 seoconsultant

The worst scammers BEWARE!

I bought a brand new domain from them 10 days ago, i got an email today that my domain was suspended due to spamming activities. They send me 2 sites on that mail and told my domain was listed as spam on these sites.


My domain is a brand new domain, never registered before, i checked domain on domain name age check up and domain was registered 10 days ago.I also check on majestic seo and no backlinks or any links on my domain at all.

They ripped off my money, suspended my domain and customer service is hell. This company need to be shut down!they are still in business although they are scamming people and stealing clients money!!!

2015-06-21 contact

spammer base. As soon as I registered a domain with I received email offering website design, website marketing, blablabla, etc. And I still receive 'em almost everyday. Most of the emails are from India with American/English name.

2015-06-10 Shalini Dixit

I have taken web hosting services form Bigrock and never faced any problem.Bigrock delivered good customer support and provided best web hosting services that I have ever used. I would recommend everyone to take their services.

2015-03-25 RegistrarFail

Total scam. I registered a domain, they emailed me a few days later saying:

Your Request for Domain Name xxxx.xxxx has failed.

Order Details

Order ID: xxxxxxxx

Domain Name: xxxx.xxxx

No of Years: 1

Invoice Total: USD 25.09

Reason for Failure: null : Parameter value policy error


For any support with respect to your relationship with us you can always contact us directly using the following Information.

I contacted their support and complained, and they just shrugged me off saying, "Hey we were willing to refund you, you should be happy"

That's absurd. Screw these assholes.

2015-03-07 John K

Zero stars. No response from customer support, sales or whois contacts. Non-working phone numbers. I registered 11 names over a 7 day period. On day 8 I received a series of emails that 10 of my names were canceled. Fortunately I was able to re-register them with a trusted registrar. The remaining name was "transferred to another customer account". My login no longer works. No way to contact them. Use a well-known and trusted registrar. Don't let the low prices fool you!