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2019-07-29 Terry

I don't know how this company (Easyspace) manages to circumvent the domcomp pricing structure but on domcomp it shows that the domain name prices for .co.uk domain names is $0.00 which is hard to believe anyway.

Upon visiting the website itself, the main Domain Names page shows that .co.uk domains are free for 1 year, this is very misleading, especially when elsewhere on the site this tld is priced at £9.99 per year.

I telephoned the company today 29/7/2019 to find out just exactly what their pricing structure was and to inform them about their confusing website. A nice lady told me that the actual price for domain name renewals with this company are £15 for 2 years (£7.50 a year including VAT).

So from what I can gather after my investigation is that the .co.uk domain is £9.99 per year to purchase from them and a further £7.50 per year to renew (which has to be on a 2 year basis £15).

So please folks, do your investigations first and ring up any company you are thinking of purchasing or transferring your domains names too to get an accurate price and ask them if they can email this info to you so that you have something in writing should a day come whenever you need to prove or back this up.

2016-06-02 hsom77

couldn't register domain because lack of paypal payment, interface didn't work properly for Euro currency, they should improve this!

2015-06-20 Domainer

Easy to navigate on the website and support was responsive when I contacted them. Realised that prices are not the cheapest, after checking domcomp, for first year but reasonable renewal.