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Crazy Domains
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2016-03-22 jetsam

I fully agree with "2015-05-27 NICK". a bunch full of idiots and cheaters - to withdraw money from the card without the services and still require documents :)

I had a similar situation and I lost only a few $.

2015-05-27 NICK

PROS: Good pricing on .INFO domains

CONS: Run by a bunch of idiots.

I've been purchasing domains for about 15 years now and have never had an issue like this.

About 2 months ago, I registered a few domains with CrazyDomains. Registration wasn't instant because they asked me to provide a copy of my credit card and ID. I thought this was pretty odd, because no registrar has EVER asked me for that. Nonetheless, I complied and my domains were registered.

I later registered more and got another email stating I had to provide the same info again. I replied letting them know I had already done that on my previous order, figuring that maybe it was just an automated message. Apparently it was sufficient enough, as my domains were registered. As time passed, I continued to order and my account was even upgraded to a special discounted rate status.

Today, I ordered 2 more .INFO domains @ $1.50/each. Of course, I get this stupid email stating I have to provide my ID and credit card- again. Now I'm annoyed. I reply that I've already done this and I'm not doing it again. Some CSR named "Joel A" replied telling me I have to do it or they won't process my order. I told them how ridiculous I thought this was, that no registrar has ever made me jump through hoops like this and that I now understand what the "crazy" part means. I say to just cancel my order and that I can't believe they're willing to lose my business over two $1.50 domains.

This MFer...not only cancels my order...but TERMINATES MY ACCOUNT and DELETES MY PREVIOUS DOMAINS FROM THE REGISTRY! I about lost it here.

I called them up, explained the situation and was put on hold for about 20 minutes. The girl comes back and tells me it was "human error" and that they're going to reinstate my domains and account "sometime today". Mind you, not only do I have some of these up for auction, but I also have live sites. Granted, the sites aren't generating thousands of dollars per day- I was still very pissed.

Bottom line, which has been said time & time again, you get what you pay for. Avoid CrazyDomains or you may just go crazy.