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2023-04-26 a_delarenal

Tech support is great. I usually get responded in less than 3min with a live agent and they help me 100% with my needs or questions. I am very happy with their prompt service!

2023-04-22 1441577495

Very good, very fast response to information, very efficient in solving problems, superb service experience

2023-04-21 lokaldev

I have been purchasing domains from this provider for a year now, and I must say, their prices are very competitive compared to other providers. On top of that, their customer support team is exceptional. Whenever I encounter an issue, they are quick to respond and always solve my problems efficiently. I highly recommend this provider for anyone looking to purchase domains at affordable prices without compromising on quality and customer service.

2023-04-19 dballinux

very good experience!!!Selling domain names is fast!

2022-04-14 syakurkhan85

Nice conversation with team namesilo tq for fast respond

2022-04-06 Smartnic

We have used the services of this company for our business for 2 years! Use it now and recommend it to others! They are a very professional team in this company and they always respond to problems in the shortest time! I recommend this company to everyone. Thanks for the Namesilo

2022-03-07 Andrey

Namesilo locked my account with my 17 domains on it(1-10 years old) because someone wrote abuse about one of my domain.(I suspect someone was envy and want to steal my 3letters domain for their brand because the abuse was written before 1-3 days of domain expiration and Namesilo didn't give any notice about it, lucky I got notification that my another domains are expiring in 1-2 months and I did login and observed that my 3letters domain just disappeared after this I did write to Namesilo support).

I can provide all screenshots during discussion with the support and their 'abuse' from envy person who wants to take my domain for their brand. Please help me, lawyer or Organisation who can fight with thieves and their precipitants in Namesilo company.

Now I cannot get access to change NS records of rest domains, neither pay for extension, neither transfer to another registrar.

I don't know what to do, they just ruined my business in one day completely.

2020-10-31 duocore05705

Namesilo have been repeatedly told about these sites and whilst they have eventually suspended some of the domains, they refuse to take action against others which are pointing to identical web sites.

Namesilo require that all reports are made via an online form and any emails sent to their published abuse@ email address are ignored or receive a boiler plate response telling you to use the form.

2020-09-01 Oleg

They have blocked domain because somebody told that site using fishing. There was only a partner widget which redirects to the partner store. So namesilo didn't notice me about it. Such way any contender may ask the to block your domain and they will. I don't reccomend namesilo to anybody.

2020-08-07 Edward Dore

Namesilo are the registrar for a large number of domains being used to host fraudulent LEGO websites. These websites are advertising discount LEGO using compromised Facebook accounts. They appear to be conducting credit card fraud.

Namesilo have been repeatedly told about these sites and whilst they have eventually suspended some of the domains, they refuse to take action against others which are pointing to identical web sites.

Namesilo require that all reports are made via an online form and any emails sent to their published abuse@ email address are ignored or receive a boiler plate response telling you to use the form.

Some reports made via the form have mysteriously disappeared and Namesilo claim that they cannot find them. They refuse to investigate this or to do anything about domains which they have been repeatedly informed of via email. They seem to enjoy being obstructive and unhelpful.

Namesilo have also done nothing to proactively investigate all of these linked domains, identify other domains, or close down the account(s) which are constantly registering new domains expressly for the purpose of fraud.

Essentially, as long as they get paid, Namesilo don't care and are happy to permit fraud. Presumably this is why they appear to be the registrar of choice for fraudsters.

2019-07-09 nfsrping

This service staffs of this website are newcomers,they don't know much about technique,they are very unprofessional,it consumes hours of your times,and the issues remained. The speed of the hosting is terrible,very slow,and sometimes you can't even access your website. And they may cancel your domains and hosting without notification,STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE! it is a TOTAL DISASTER since the day you bought products or services from them.

2019-06-19 tiendungdev

Cheap and good services provider, Love namesilo...

2019-01-28 seositetool

It's reliable service and is very price-competitive. I also like that they do not bother me with unwanted marketing emails or sneaky upsells.

2018-12-16 rebecca

bad, dishonest & rude unprofessional company! Bad service and Bad quality and Support! they hosting Cryptocurrency SCAM! Warning! do not buy nothing from them.

2017-06-02 josevasan68

excelent company no extra charges,exceed yuor espectation

2017-04-16 Calvin

I've experienced constant site outage the past couple of weeks when trying to update my dns.

2017-03-23 tombmaxg

Great domain registrar! I really like this company. Great price, free WHOIS + no extra charges on renewal.

2016-11-15 stub

Excellent Registrar. One of the Best. They will definitely meet and exceed your expectations. Website could do with a facelift, but everything works well with no bugs.

2016-11-05 ad2010

The registrar provides good quality for low price... I can recommend it.

2016-10-19 timbaler

If you have a domain that is close to expire they don't warn you like all other domain sellers. They used to do this in the past but now is not warning owners. On their own words: "... it is your responsibility to renew your domains on time. ...".

2015-06-20 Xin

I was initially sceptical due to their website which isn't the best example of a modern website. My usual theory is that if a provider can't maintain a professional looking website then surely they can't handle your domains well. However, I trusted the good reviews and went for it. Was not disappointed. Their management console is fine, not amazing UI but works. Good prices and clear instructions. Discount with "domcomp" code was a bonus.

2015-04-22 Flan_Friday

I've had a domain with Namesilo for a while now. No complaints about their service so far. The prices are pretty good and price structure is straightforward. Missing the last star as I think the website could be slightly better, e.g. less cluttered admin panel, etc.

2015-01-13 Joseph

Good interface. Pricing is currently very good - not just on registrations and transfers, but also on renewals. Free privacy - which makes them even more affordable compared to other registrars. No annoying constant upselling of services I do not need - most other registrars get in your face constantly trying to sell things I have no interest in. Very happy with these guys.

2014-10-25 Robert

Fantastic registrar. They have great prices, very good and fast support and they really do take security seriously with two factor authentication and other measures. Private whois is actually really free, unlike other registrars who entice you with limited whois privacy offers in a bait and switch tactic. After 3 years have no reason to complain.

2014-10-03 Carob

Excellent. Nice bulk registration feature, easy to manage names, free privacy, keen pricing. Recommended.

2014-10-02 Vote4Bolds

I searched long and hard for a new registrar since Godaddy stopped offering any discounts on their renewals. This is one of the pages that led me to research NameSilo. I must say I am totally impressed so far. It is really nice to get upfront pricing instead of hunting for coupons. I had 1 problem with a transfer that Godaddy was blocking for some bogus reason. I was amazed when I asked NameSilo for help on a Sunday night and someone emailed me back in less than an hour. I assumed I'd have to sacrifice some customer service in order to use a discount registrar, but NameSilo put that concern to bed.