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2014-11-29 Kuka dot io

Great user interface, support and domain search field. What else is needed? Oh, well, it has a shortcuts for setting up different services for less experienced users. Easy transfers, free hiding whois info! Guys are from New Zealand and it feels, no ads or other bullshit.

One of the best services on the web.

2014-11-29 Pete

Great support and simple to manage. I had to transfer a exist domain and they made it simple

2014-11-29 Matt

Had a huge issue with my .to domain and the support from Timo was great - He was quick to contact the to registry and get my issue resolved and website up and running!

2014-11-29 James HK

An awesome experience. A great pricing structure and a really great dashboard. There's no ad parking, or other annoying stuff and you get to hide your whois info for free. Best provider I have ever used, hands down.