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2016-02-29 Richie

They must have the worst support system in place for any registrar worldwide, I own near on 100 domains - the only reason I have an account with them is because I won a domain at auction that I had pushed into a account. There is no way on earth I would ever use this company to look after my portfolio of domains. No telephone support, email support takes days to get a response. There is no way in this day in age that a business can function the way they do. If I could put less than -1 for a rating for I would.

2015-06-16 Hardeep

Poor service and much poorer support team.

Support team is careless to reply to customer issues. dont listen anybody and take decision. Its very poor server administrator as well who talk bull****.

I uploaded word press here and it got hacked then these fu**** people suspended my account without ant notice….

There hosting has lot of heck issues.

2015-01-27 Daniel Lo Nigro

I love! I've been using them for over 10 years now, I started using them way back in 2004 when they were known as "DomainSite". Their support has always been very responsive and handles my requests very well.


#1 - If you have more than 25 domains with them, contact them and ask to become a member of their "investor club". They'll send you a coupon code every month for special offers on .com and .net domains which are cheaper than their public coupons (their offer for January 2015 is $9.25 for .com and .net registrations and renewals). Additionally, as part of the investor club, you can email them and ask for special pricing on a per-TLD basis, which can often bring the price below most other registrars.

#2 - You can get free WHOIS privacy by adding it *after* you purchase your domains and using coupon code "privacyplease".

2014-12-27 Damien Burke

I have well over 20 domain names. I have used many providers and is the best. Never any issues. The web control panel is fast and easy to use. I can find every feature I would ever need to use.

2014-11-30 Tierney Coren

I've had an excellent time with They provide excellent service at good prices. I moved to them on a suggestion by a friend and haven't been disappointed for one moment since I switched from namecheap. That said, the service is essentially the same as just about any other good registrar--there's not a huge difference between and namecheap.

2014-11-29 Sam

I have 6 domains with Name for many years, they provide free whois privacy. No complaints so far.

2014-11-29 Taras

I was with DomainSite for about 6 years before they merged with Name, and continue to use them (alongside having some domains on Gandi and 123-Reg). I've also been using their DNS for the same amount of time and never had any problems whatsoever.

Very easy control panel with plenty of freedom to do what you want (maybe too much? It feels less restrictive than Gandi's, but as a result it's potentially easier to make mistakes). Support was good the one time I needed it. Prices are among the most reasonable I've found too.

2014-10-02 Max Zhu was my favourite before namecheap. For their clean and nice console. However because of the following security issue, now they are only my backseat.

1) they were hacked

2) for some reason, they were not even using ssl since this year. This is so careless as a domain provider maintaining domain and payment information.

2014-10-02 Fred

I have about 20-30 domains there and never had a problem

their support is also pretty good, I had a chance to test it when the registration of a .net failed for some reason. No other issues at all after that