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2020-08-25 R H

Hover has some of the worst service I have received, after rebranding the company from "Enom" to Hover, I didn't notice the change over email and hover emails were going to my spam folder... When they transferred, they didn't transfer my payment information over, didn't phone me to notify they had changed it or that my domain was going into redemption due to this fact...

Now I have to pay $250 US which they refuse to reimburse because they wouldn't stand by their "auto renew" feature which clearly didn't auto renew because of their own actions.

I dealt with a woman, "Lei" she said her name was, when asked to speak to someone in management, she put me on hold for 15 more minutes, then informed me that nobody could speak with me currently and that they would e-mail me to confirm a phone call at a later date (which of course, I still have not received).

Awful service guys, wake up.

2016-06-18 NYXT

Transferred all my domains to Hover - transfer was quick and painless. Have had nothing but a good experience thus far - domain management interface is intuitive and works.

2015-11-10 zerofwd

One of the worst companies that do business with it, because I lost "Google Authenticator" app, I gave them all the proof of my ownership of the domain. But they are asking in the last paper of the court is that I am the same person.

- Technical support they have bad

- They do not have to verify by phone

- Always say you can not do something you

My rating : 0 / 10

Note : Do not be fooled by the prices they offer. Service is more important than price.

2015-03-12 Stephen Reay

I wish I could give Hover a 5 star rating. In most aspects they are great - simple service, no upsells, two factor auth using standard TOTP, etc.

BUT - Hover are refusing to support DNSSEC, even the simple case of accepting DS records and pushing them up to the registry via EPP (similar to what you might do with NS records).

They've said they were "working on it" for 3 years, and only recently admitted they have no intention to implement this functionality.

2014-12-02 Benjamin Charity

By far the best domain provider I have used. I've never had to wait long for support help, never had them push other products/services on me and the dashboard is the cleanest I've ever used.

2014-11-30 Mobley Gardner

I have several domains registered with Hover and recently lost access to the account. Rodger worked with me to regain access, even though I kept disappearing in our email chains for days at a time. (Loved one was in hospital.) So, thanks Hover for good service, and a special thanks to Rodger for being so cool.

2014-11-29 Bryson

I use Hover for every domain they support the TLDs for and when they add new TLD support I migrate immediately (as was recently the case with .io). I love how easy and fast they try to make checkout. They focus on getting me my domain not up-selling me. 1&1 and GoDaddy are the absolute worst and I was overjoyed to leave them in the dirt. Free domain privacy too.

2014-11-29 Lucas Nicodemus

Hands down the best registrar I've used. The dashboard is clean, and the emails reminding about domain renewals are easy to understand. No upselling. Amazing.

2014-11-29 Anonymous

Nothing but good things to say about this company. Best place I've ever had my domains registered, hands down!

2014-11-29 Jay

Transferring in was easy & quick and their web interface is free of clutter. No problems to report yet

2014-11-29 Keehun Nam

Hover does not support and has stated they have no plans on supporting DNSSEC. If you want DNSSEC, you have to pay $500 to get one of their agents to do it for you via "Professional Support." This is after years of stating and advertising that support for DNSSEC is "coming soon!"

2014-11-29 Gene Harrod

Great customer service, dashboard is easy to use and competitive prices.

2014-11-26 Jain Freeman

i hope there is a ZERO STAR option. It's unbelievable to have yet another worst experience after 1&1. your domain is automatically renewed even if you have cancelled it months ago! i called customer service to complain, but the representative on the phone can only do one thing: keep repeating "sorry sir, there is nothing we can do." for whatever question asked!