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2021-06-10 Jubair

The best domain registrar company I've ever seen. Their prices are also much cheaper. Their marketplace is much better, Although external domains cannot be sold. There are many advantages, the commission is less.

2020-10-31 Anonymous

STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST this registrar. Lots of problems - examples: If you log in to the panel you cannot unlock your domain despite being logged in. Support will not unlock it on written request. No response to mails. Complaint to relevant NIC yielded result after weeks. Cannot change whois on request despite NIC policy. Again, complaint to NIC yielded result after a long time.


2020-08-12 johnlikestrips

Competitive price - incompetent support

The suppport is not competent to help with anything remotelly more complicated - like transferring DNS records from another registrar. i just needed to copy DNS records and since they have slightly different entry fields asked their guidance. It took an hour for them to understand what is needed. then finally got detailed instructions on how to do it. Asked them to review and confirm that all is good. as a result site was down. next day the support again could not figure out that somebody needs to enter DNS records. Were given clearly nonsensical guidance. after lot's of back and forth got problem resolved, but it is a huge time and energy waste. Unless you can know things yourself and do not need their support, you should better stay away from this time drain. a few saved bucks are not worth it.

2020-04-22 James

Im using domain management for 20years. With Dynadot was first time they stole me a very lucrative short letter .com domain. I have ALWAYS renewal feature, but Dynadot silently stop this feature(!), did not sent me any email(!) - except the one that this domain is sold out after 40 days. They didnot wait for another 30 days DOMAIN REDEMPTION PERIOD and immediately stole the domain - they say domain bought immediately "somebody" under Dynadot registrar. Extreamly risky and dangerous registrar. Im leaving all my domains to another one and closing account. Unprecedented behavior.

2019-06-08 Mike

I've been using DynaDot for 5 years already. They're good. Not the best, but my experience with them has never been bad, so I can give 5 stars. The prices are fair, the support works well.

2018-05-01 gr_gg

they locked all my domains from transfer, with the excuse that it is not my own account!

I sent them all the supporting documents such as payments, identity, driving license, and company documents,

as well as the first email they sent me when register in dynadot.com and domains are still locked for over 4 days

I informed them that there will be a branded complaint about how they work.

2016-02-16 phronzs

I had about 6 domains and had been happy with dynadot until I had to move one domain out... They just blocked me by saying my account name doesn’t match my ID card...

Very inefficient, customer careless and unprofessional support.

Based on my experience, I don't recommend them to anyone looking for a clean and transparent experience..

2016-02-02 Justin D

I have an additional four domains on Dynadot, and have just transferred my primary domain over to it from GoDaddy, since it was up for renewal shortly. The transfer got me a one-year extension for $10.99, and privacy for $3 extra. GoDaddy's prices seem to have been going up and up, as renewing there would have cost me $15, plus $10 extra for the privacy option. When also considering the constant upselling mentioned by everyone else who has used GoDaddy, I'm quite happy to have left GoDaddy for good in favor of Dynadot. Dynadot manages to act like a reputable business and doesn't try to take money for things I don't want at every opportunity.

2015-10-16 Jack

Absolutely a ripoff. I paid $10.99 per domain and there was no order confirmation before my dynadot balance was charged. They simply and quickly charged my account balance. No courtesy shown when I asked support that I will prepay another $400 and you credit me the extra $2 charged after I add $400 prepay so I could be eligible for the bulk pricing. This was just minutes after I paid 10.99 and asked support.

Such Ripoff. Not recommended

2014-11-30 Justin

While they rarely have big sales, pricing is very consistent with no hidden fees or charges. In the 5 years I've been with them, the price of a domain has changed by less than $1. Straightforward, upfront, and with great customer support too.

The marketplace is a nice feature too.

2014-11-29 Ben Brooks

Been a Dynadot user for nearly 5 years (Dec '09).

They aren't the cheapest registry around, but you can be sure that their prices will remain constant. There are no hidden fees and renewal costs are minimal. I have full faith that they will be around for many more years to come and are my go-to when needing a new domain.

The control panel is nice, easy to use and lets you have full control over the domain and nameservers. This includes using Dynadot's email, DNS and domain redirection free of charge.

They provide two-factor auth and also have an API for you to manage your domains.

2014-10-23 Joshua Dwire

I've been using Dynadot for over two years and I've been really happy with them. Their prices are some of the cheapest I've found, and while they don't usually have $0.99 sales like some other registrars do, I know I can trust their pricing to be stable and not have hidden fees or a huge increase upon renewal.

I like the management interface and how it allows grouping domains into folders so that settings can be changed for multiple domains all at once. The ability to quickly transfer domains between accounts at Dynadot is nice, and two factor authentication is also a nice security feature.

I like that they provide additional basic features like email forwarding, basic DNS, and domain redirection. This allows me to quickly set up a decent placeholder for a new domain without having to log in to my hosting provider's control panel. Their API is nice, but one downside is that it only allows one request at a time.

Their support has always been helpful and very responsive when I have had a question about any of their various services.