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2020-11-01 Anonymous

STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST this registrar. Had a single domain there, which could not be unlocked because the control panel said to contact support. Support said to log a ticket. Submitting a ticket results in being redirected to the website's start page without a ticket being logged. Website is horrendous to work with, many bugs, very cluttered, functionality is hidden in various menus, submenus and subsubmenus. Many other problems.


2019-12-09 linhle

This is the worst supplier I've seen. Nothing really works on the site, they charge extra for changing the entry and if you try to contact them they don't respond. If you want to use or sell your domain name here, think twice.

2018-10-29 anuviel

This is by FAR the worst provider I have seen, and I have seen a LOT. Really nothing works on their (very very chaotic) website, they charge extra money for changing entries and if you try to contact them they do not answer. If you want to use or sell your domain, do not register there.

2018-01-26 Guy Himmelsbach

Мошенники. Берут деньги - услуги не оказывают. На тикеты и письма не отвечают.

Scammers. They take money - they do not render services. Tickets and letters are not answered.

Scammers. L'argent est pris, les services ne rendent pas.

L'argent ne revient pas. Les billets et les lettres ne courent pas.

2018-01-20 MrT

I have been with these for a year...I've no idea why these have been so harsh. I bought them here and have stopped. After buying .audio website it has rose to near x10 the price. 8.02 to 76.82 mad to just register...The price has increased per yr guess I'm tied into buying it yearly now.

2018-01-07 KH

Very bad experience. I paid twice for a transfer, they refunded me 1 time, WHOIS showed by domain renewed. But DNS can not be Edited. Their technical support replied rubbish answers unrelated to the issue completely. And repeated support ticket received almost no reply. As a result my domain is becoming COMPLETELY USELESS now and I have no idea how to deal with them. They are a reseller in domain renewal, the actual registrar is OVH.COM and calling OVH is useless, they told be to contact reseller.

2017-10-24 Iam

Мошенники. Берут деньги - услуги не оказывают. На тикеты и письма не отвечают.

Scammers. They take money - they do not render services. Tickets and letters are not answered.

Escrocs Ils prennent de l'argent - ils ne rendent pas de services. Les tickets et les lettres ne sont pas répondus.

2017-09-13 ann

i really wanted to like espace2001. i wasn't too bothered about the outdated website and also not about their language issues on the website since i speak basic french and could switch the site to english. however their processes are terrible! i have tried to transfer 2 different domains to them and both of them failed, i approved all the necessary emails. the transfer sources were as well 2 DIFFERENT registrars. client support just closes tickets on their own without any comment - rude! in addition they charged me twice over paypal, must be another issue with their website. STAY AWAY there are other registrars which good interfaces, client support and up to date processes.

2016-08-31 andrew

They advertise a great price for .cm transfers. SO I paid and arranged for the transfer, after a few days they just sent my money back and said that they had trouble talking to the registrar, they still state they cannot help and persist with advertising an impossibly low price. I tried to follow up and discuss with them, but they didn't respond.

2016-06-02 user77

they have cheap prices for the first year, but should update the website look, the terms of service are in french only WTF?

2015-06-20 justatest


The website looks like it's from the 90s - can't believe this still exists today. Their prices are indeed cheap but the site is just so terrible. For example, if you select to view in GBP, then refresh the page, then prices sometimes randomly flip to USD, which is ridiculous.

I'd be wary of trusting people who can't even make a proper site with my domain registration.

2015-06-01 Perceptron

Very poor interface, bulk registration doesnt work for some of the new gtlds. Even the customer support are not bothered about fixing the bugs when brought to their attention!

2015-04-22 Flan_Friday

Espace has cheap domain registration prices but the website is just straight up terrible. Apart from the obvious lack of UI design, the site will randomly switch back into French, even having selected English. Up to you whether you want to take a punt based on their cheap prices. However, I'd recommend paying a few more $ and go for NameSilo.