A bit of domcomp, for you

Display this neat, interactive, 300x600 pixel price board widget anywhere on your site. Free to use. Easy to install. Works seamlessly with our referral program to earn you commission.

Easy Install

It couldn't be simpler. Copy and paste the following code into your site's HTML. That’s all.

<div class='domcomp_widget' ></div>
<script async="" src='https://www.domcomp.com/assets/javascripts/widget/widget.js'></script>
Prices are self-updating and always in sync with domcomp.com, so you don't need to touch it again.

Optional Attributes

Name Description
refcode Create an account or log in to get your unique referral code. We track every click and sale made through your widget, rewarding you with 70% of the revenue. Check out our referral program FAQ for more details.
extensions Customize extensions in dropdown box in comma separated value, 20 at most.
Default: "com,net,org,info,biz,co,me,io,de,co.uk"
show_only_affiliate Show only providers with affiliate program enabled. This is expected to generate more revenue, at the cost of end user experience.

Better than Ads

The price board is a great standalone widget. However, combined with our referral program, it's also a perfect substitute for your traditional Ads.

In fact, we think that it's better than an Ad for the following reasons:
  • The design is clean, simple and purposely not Ad-like. The price board provides a better user experience for your page.
  • The widget displays up-to-date prices and is interactive. Paired with the above reason, this produces a higher click-through rate.
  • We're not selling shoes, cars or life insurance. You know exactly what content your users will see.
  • The widget is unaffected by Ad blocking software.