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We provide domain price comparisons and registrar reviews. Our services are indeed 100% free. So how do we make any money, you ask. Good question, we do have to put dinner on the table, after all.

We, ourselves, are part of affiliate programs of most of the registrars we compare. This means that when a user clicks through to a registrar (e.g. Namecheap), through our site, and purchases a domain name then we get a cut of that sale.
Whilst the majority of registrars do, there are some which unfortunately do not. However, we are committed to providing unbiased comparison and so still include providers for which we do not profit from, as long as they are popular and provide a good service.

For full disclosure, the following is the list of providers for which we are affiliates.
Provider Terms
Namecheap up to 35% on domain purchase (depends on tld). 35% on SSL and hosting. 35% on VPN
GoDaddy 7% for domain and hosting. $1.4 for each lead
Dynadot 18% new and transfer domain purchase. 14% web hosting and SSL. $7 / web builder pro. $14 / web builder business
Some registrars have APIs with which we integrate (lots of coding). Others do not and we must use our collection of well trained monkeys to keenly monitor and report any price changes. Just kidding - in this case we also have ways (non-simian) to ensure prices are correct, in an automated fashion. In all cases, our effort ensures our users get the latest and accurate prices.
Other than the fact that you want to support us in continuing to provide an awesome service to users?

Through a centralised dashboard and via a single link, you can earn commission from all of the registrars that we support. Equally importantly, domcomp provides more value to users searching for the right registrar than a simple direct referral. Therefore, our users are more confident that they are making the right choice when coming through us, thereby giving our links a higher conversion rate for sales. It's a win-win-win situation. Finally, unlike almost any other program, we don't have a minimum payout limit. Therefore, you can get your money whether you've made $1 or $1000.
We promise that your email is used exclusively for login name and, if you choose to, notifications when you make money. Currently, we don't even require email activation. If it makes you feel better, you can even use a totally fake email - although that would mean we cannot notify you for sales or password reset, but that's up to you!
Once signed up, we provide you with a unique link that will lead to our price comparison page. Any users that enter our page through your link and goes on to make purchases with any of the applicable registrars (mentioned above), will generate commission for you. In fact, once a customer clicks a provider link, they have up to 180 days to make a purchase and it will still count as yours, as they are tracked by cookies with long-expiration!

So, in summary, all you need to do is to share your link in your favourite way, whether it's via social media, on your own website or blogging.
Most affiliate program give you 10% to 40% commission (search some up yourself). We have decided to provide a massive 70% commission. Why? Because our primary goal is to spread the word of our site as we are concentrated on growth. We also understand that we are a relatively unknown and so want provide you with a generous incentive.

Your earnings are, of course, a proportion of our own which depends in turn on the terms of the registrars' own programs. Each registrar has a different and frequently changing program and so we won't list them here. Feel free to check them out yourself.
Our main focus is on domain registrations and so any domain purchases will generate revenue. However, any purchases from the registrars will actually count. So for example, if a user ends up purchasing web-hosting, then that's still great for us.
As with any referral program, that depends on the amount the stressfulness of your referrals. However, in line with our policy to be as transparent as possible, here are our own performance statistics for last month (always up-to-date)

  • EPC (earnings per 100 clicks): $21.58
  • Conversion rate (sale per click): 4.69%
  • Average commission per sale: $4.60
We currently only officially support Paypal money transfers. However, if this doesn't work for you then feel free to email us with alternative suggestions and we'll do our best to be accommodating.
Note that purchasing domains through your own links, effectively to give yourself a discount, is not allowed!
If you have any questions that are not covered here, whether it's about our affiliate link or otherwise, feel free to email us at [email protected] . We usually reply within 24 hours (unless our team of well-trained monkeys are all busy, or on holiday, or have escaped, in which case it may take slightly longer).
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